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Earth Day for Kids & Families

April 22nd, 2021, will mark the 51st anniversary of Earth Day. We use this day to celebrate the natural wonders of our planet earth and learn about ways we can join the fight against climate change.

This year marks a critical time in this movement in regards the increasingly urgent threats facing our environment. It's an important year to be an activist, to pay attention to new/changing policies you can support, movements you can donate to, and general ways you can get involved. It will take all of us working together to create effective change!

Younger generations are an essential part of the movement. The future is in their hands! Luckily, there are many fun ways to get children involved on Earth Day. Join us for the following events to learn about climate change, celebrate the natural world, and understand what it means to be an activist.

Earth day events for kids

Earth Week Workshops

Register for the Workshops

Taught by high-school students, these workshops are both free and online, covering an incredible variety of topics.

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Science Behind Climate Change

April 19, 4:00 - 5:00 PM

Climate Policy

April 21, 4:00 - 5:00 PM

Deforestation Activity

April 23, 4:00 - 5:00 PM

Oceans Rising

April 24, 4:00 - 5:00 PM

15th Annual YouthCAN Summit

Register for the Event

April 17, 12:45 - 3:00 PM

This virtual youth climate event features speakers, entertainment, and workshops. Focusing on youth activism in regards to climate justice, this is a great opportunity to learn and interact!

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BE+ Sustainability Scavenger Hunt

Learn More & Register for the Scavenger Hunt

Attend the Celebration Event

April 14 - April 28

Built Environment Plus welcomes kids and families to their two-week long virtual scavenger hunt! Join from anywhere, and attend their celebration event that follows.

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