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Mushroom hunters in Boston

Boston's WBUR writes, "This Boston Mushroom Hunter Is Reclaiming The Forest And Teaching Food Autonomy".

"Beneath the fire of late fall red and orange leafy canopies, Maria Pinto keeps her eyes firmly on the ground and on the bases of trees. Equipped with a straw basket and a knife in her hand, she scales the side of a steep hill. A small group of new mushroom foragers, masked and socially distanced, dutifully follow her."

Read more about Maria Pinto and her passion for mushrooms.

"Once you start learning about what mushrooms and fungus are actually doing, what role they're playing in the lives of a forest," she says, "I don't know anyone who hasn't become just a little bit obsessed with mushrooms." It's the reason why she leads groups of young Black and brown people into the forests of Greater Boston to forage them.

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